Raimondi Cranes - New Dealership

Raimondi Cranes - New Dealership
Posted 17 Dec 2018 In

Raimondi Cranes has today announced the agency appointment of conAgro Ltd (conAgro) as the sole official Cypriot dealer of its tower and luffing cranes and its range of crane accessories in the country. The new agency appointment, effective immediately, is launched in tandem with conAgro’s sale of three Raimondi MRT111 topless tower cranes.
“conAgro is pleased to commence our agency appointment with the sale of three Raimondi tower cranes. As a full line provider of construction machinery, we have anticipated the demand for tower cranes in Cyprus due to its economic recovery and the subsequent growth of the local construction sector. We recognize the heritage manufacturer’s product quality and its strong support mechanisms, and have cooperated closely with Raimondi on behalf of our valued customers,” said Petros Rouvas, Chief Executive Officer, conAgro.

Two of the new Raimondi cranes are currently operational onsite, having been sold to AMIC Contractors, the consortium behind the country’s waterfront Limassol Del Mar development. The third MRT111 crane, sold to Atlas Pantou-MAN Enterprise for the joint venture’s contracting work, will be erected at the Skytower Residence situated on the eastern side of Limassol. Mr. Rouvas added that the three MRT111 topless tower cranes were chosen for the model’s capacity to reach remarkable tower heights, over 100 meters, while maintaining high performance measures in terms of maximum load and hoist speeds.