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For rent - Construction Equipment Turbosol
  • Posted 22 Oct 2020
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      1. Set of two:

a. Turbosol Turbomix M22 (Continuous single-phase mixer for cementitious dry mix mortars) 

Simple strong construction, easy to use mixer with excellent performance to produce a top quality homogenous mixture. It can be combined with a plaster sprayer, or a pump, forming the basis of a self-contained mixing and pumping plant. 



Electric motor                   2,2 kW - 230 V  

Output                              25 l/min              

Water pump                     60 l/min (standard)          

Water pressure                2 bar     

Water hose coupling        3/4"      

Hopper capacity              90 l        

Filling height                    105 cm

Size (L x W x H)              200 x 68 x 105 cm           

Weight                             125 kg        

b. Turbosol Tisette T7 Warm Pump (Compact single-phase warm pump), made in Italy.

Worm pump for spraying finishing coats

T7 Tisette is a compact and lightweight single-phase worm pump. It is extremely versatile and can be combined with a wide range of accessories in order to perform various applications. 



Electric motor                          1,5 kW - 230 V

Infinitely adjustable output*     0,5 ÷ 12 l/min

Max. aggregate size                5 mm

Max. working pressure            35 bar

Compressor                            220 l/min

Stainless steel hopper capacity 50 l

Delivery distance*                   40 m

Delivery height*                       15 m

Filling height                            65 cm

Delivery manifold Ø                 25 mm

Size (L x W x H)                      120 x 63 x 70 cm

Weight                                     80 kg


      2. Turbosol Giotto (Three-phase modular mixer pump for dry mix materials), made in Italy

GIOTTO is a three-phase plastering machine ideal for dosing, mixing, pumping and spraying dry mix materials from bag or silo. Built with modular bent trolled steel body and a highly efficient motor. Equipped with high quality components that make this plaster sprayer the top of its category.



Power supply tension                                     400 V

Auxiliary control tension                                 24 V

Electric motor                                                 5,5 kW plaster pump - 0,5 kW cell dosing hopper

Worm pump                                                   D 6.3 (standard)

Max. aggregate size                                      3 to 5 mm depending on the pump group

Theorical output [*]                                        30 l/min

Max. working pressure                                  40 bar

Diaphragm compressor                                 250 l/min - 0,82 kW

Water pump                                                   60 l/min - 0,80 kW

Hopper capacity                                             110 l

Delivery distance [*]                                       40 m

Delivery height [*]                                           15 m

Filling height                                                   99 cm

Delivery manifold                                            Ø 25 mm

Weight                                                            250 kg